Cariosus Malum

Murder in Clubland

All in the name of Art

Slaughterhouse V

The day of the bidding finally arrived. We each went in separately to meet with Slaughterhouse V. We had planned on only me making an offer, however it turns out that there was a few offers made. We were all met by Slaughterhouse V afterwards in the bar. They told us that whoever took the territory would also become a member of their cabal. Most of us left annoyed at the fact that this vital piece of information was missing. However Demetrio never left. I don’t know what is getting to me more, his betrayal or the attempted betrayal of the rest of the cabal. I need to keep a closer eye on Jonas and Hector.

Secretly Deputised

At the next Prince’s Court we were all met by Vincenzio, He told us that he had traded in our favour to another vampire. We were to meet Delrich at Yankee Stadium in a private box during game 2 of the Yankees vs Red Sox. We agreed.

At Yankee Stadium we were introduced to Delrich and he offered us a chance to watch the game from his box. After the first three innings Delrich summoned Charles his retainer. Charles had apparently been in clubland when he saw Simone, a hound attack a human. There was a flash from a camera that was taken from a bald black man. Simone called out “Rosario” before the man fled. Delrich wants us to investigate the possible masquerade breach. The Red Sox won 0-3 but the game was cut short by the rain.

We headed down to clubland and Teagan West’s domain. We found the former crime scene. As we approached a cat fled from us. Diane checked out the garbage bin and found a bullet. Hector found a small amount of blood splatter and a business card for a photographer called Rosario. I went and had a chat to the cat.

The cat told me that two predators were fighting and that the food stealer was not one of them. He also told me that one had light coloured fur and one had dark fur. Another with no fur was nearby. From what I could tell there was a dark heared and light haired vampires and two humans one of which was the bum or food stealer.

Hector had touched the blood to get a vision of what had occurred. He saw a blond haired woman with green eyes attack the owner of the blood. Form this it looks like the blond attacked Simone whom attacked the bum when the photo was taken by the bald black man who we established was Rosario. Diane requested the autopsy report while I requested a ballistics report of the spent bullet. Diane sent an email to Rosario for an interview.

As we continued walking the streets while thinking of a plan of action Simone snuck up behind us and pulled a gun on Diane. She directed us into a basement and kept the gun on us at all times. She wanted to know what we were doing in the area. Diane told her that we were investigating a masquerade breach on behalf of Teagan West. Simone was not willing to tell us anything but did tell us to stay away from Rosario. She left quite quickly after the warning. We gave an anonymous tip to the police that Rosario might have information for them. Jonas got a friend of his to camp out by Rosario’s studio.

The following night Diane got a return email from Rosario but would not return another. Jonas contact had found out that the police had visited during the day. We decided that we would need to pay Rosario a visit despite the warning from Simone.

The following night we visited Rosario’s early. Jonas and Hector kept a look out while I acted as Diane’s bodyguard. Rosario let us in. While Diane had an interview with Rosario I looked around at his art. I found that the artwork was dry but his brushes were wet. I found a pizza receipt that had a name “Melanie” and a phone number written on it. Diane also saw the original photo taken at the time of the attack. Rosario told her that he had already painted it and shown it to his friend Simone, who wasn’t happy about it and told him that a friend of hers, Melanie, would pick it up.

Once we left the apartment I convinced Diane to call Melanie to organise a followup interview on the artist. She agreed to her request and would meet her in central park near the pond. Jonas, Hector and myself went on ahead to find locations that we could hide nearby close enough to react if there was a problem. When Diane arrived Melanie was already there.

After a few minutes Jonas called to say it was done and to meet up. After eventually getting all of the information from Diane, we found out that Melanie was the blond woman with green eyes. She had taken the painting as it was evidence of a masquerade breach, but not of Simone, of Delrich. Before she could tell us much Melanie was staked from behind by Charles. Melanie had given Diane an invite to a midnight gallery showing of the artwork for a few trusted people. We decided that if anyone was going to do anything it would be us and we would need to steal the painting tonight.

Some questions that I feel need answering. Why did Melanie attack Delrich? Why did Delrich try to blame the act on Simone? What should we do once we steal the painting? Destroy it to curry favour with Delrich? Bring it to the Prince’s Court and get a blood hunt called on Delrich? Pass it on to Samantha to do the same? Pass it along to Teagan West, who has laws in her domain to prevent a masquerade breach in clubland? What of Simone? How will she react if Rosario is killed during the bloodhunt? How will Yvonne react to the breach? And of my actions to show or cover it up? How will this effect my relationship with her and The Hawks? All questions that need answering before we decide. Or at least factors in the decision making process.

We decided that it would be best to break into the back door. Diane and I stood look out on either side of the alley. Hector and Jonas proceeded to break in. After a few minutes they came out with a computer and a petty cash container, but no painting. We hightailed it back to our underground haven.

After Hector looked through the drives on the computer he found very little useful info. We realised that if we were going to take it, it would be the next night. We considered the consequences of what we were going to do with the painting. We decided that we need to fulfill the favour we owe. It will be to Delrich.

Teh following night we returned early to the art gallery. We could see that there was now a covered painting. Hector went out and bought some Monkey masks. I gave him my gun but only after I had removed the ammunition. I then took a knife of off Jonas. There were a couple of others milling around and two security guards. We snuck around the back again. Once again Hector picked the lock and we went in. There was another security guard that caught us by surprise. Jonas quickly started to attack him when he wouldn’t yield to my demands.

Two other guards came in I told one to run, which he did. Diane grabbed the other one. Hector and I pushed through to the gallery. Hector went for the painting while the second guard staring firing at me. After the second shot hit me in my vest I turned and saw that Hector had unveiled the painting and put it down. He was now stealing the phones from the others. I grabbed the phone and ran for the rear exit. I saw that Diane and Jonas over the third guard that had fallen. I then saw some blood from the first guard in the office. I continued for the door and jumped down the sewer system.The others followed me down and we took off for our haven.

Once we got there we contacted Delrich who told us to meet him at Yankee stadium again. It was just us and Delrich their this time. He thanked us for recovering the painting. And since our favour was only a minor one, we asked Delrich to back us in the future if we needed him to. He agreed.


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