Cariosus Malum

Seaching for a Corpse

The trip to a graveyard

Liam’s Notebook

I’m feel it is best to keep a notebook to help me sole the problems of the damned. Just like we are trained to do to solve crimes.

Learning Nights

I have been told all about the Vampire society of New York. It is certainly eye opening. The first time I took the blood of a human for nourishment, I heard the victim’s voice in my head. I wonder if all Vampires hear this. From what I have heard from Yvonne, I don’t think it would be wise to let people know much about my weaknesses. I have heard about the different factions,Covenants. Two strike me as interesting. The Carthian Movement, democratic Vampires and the Invictus, the aristocracy.

I have been robbed of the chance to make Captain in the NYPD. I was so close. I have become a consultant now. Helping out when needed. I need to find another way to serve the city.

Tomorrow night I meet the Prince.

Debut Night

Yvonne and I arrive at the Met, a Vampire Elysium and the Prince’s Court. There are approximately 30 others. Yvonne points some other “Children”. One of them is a Media contact, Diane Johnson another is a man that grew up in Hell’s Kitchen a few years my junior, Jonas Krall. The last is a midget, I have never seen before. There is a strange coincidence with the other three though. We are allowed to speak to one another. Jonas introduces us to Demetrio Agostinelli. He is an interesting, but smelly midget. Diane makes a few short jokes.

Before the main court starts a woman called Samantha comes and asks us to meet her when the court has concluded. The court itself is rather uninteresting. Although Samantha petitions for some more land. She gets with ease. She must be quite important.

Our sires approach the prince when summoned. And they present us. After a brief discussion we are accepted amongst the Kindred. Bennett is a scary motherfucker.

After it starts to wind down, the four new Kindred meet. Jonas wants to know what everyone can do. He says that he is vaster and stronger. Dianne tells us that she is faster and can see things. Shorty says that he can command men and that he is scary. Doubtful. In the confusion while they are discussing this, they seem to not notice that I didn’t give an answer. Demetrio insults the NYPD, saying that there are all corrupt. It is now that I introduce myself as a former Lieutenant in the NYPD. The others only know that Samantha is Bennett’s second in command.

We decide to get a cab to Samantha’s Haven. We are greeted at the door and told to head up to floor 37. We are told to wait int the lobby until we are greeted by another man that leads us into Samantha’s Office. She greats us and then give us a mission. (See over)

Afterwards we head to Demetrio’s rather luxurious apartment. From here we decide what we are going to do. Jonas uses the internet to research the graveyard. Dianne looks into some occult connections, and Demetrio looks up details of Ark Magnas. We break for the day and decide to meet early the next night to drive to the cemetery. I tell everyone to take everything we need, because if we don’t find what we are looking for we are not coming back.

Mission Details

Objective: Find Pope body. He should be in Torpor. Open the case in front of him. By dawn the following night.
Notes: There is a note on the back of a photograph.
Arkwatch? – Likely an old Cemetery.
Rabii Moel – Jewish – Does the cemetery have a Jewish section? Yes, with a sundial.
Ark Magnus – ? several possibilities, masons? anagram? math? or steno-graph?
Lady Grief – ?
Statue maybe, or a woman with a surname sounding like grief. A statue.
Key – ?
Dead Boy – ?
a dead boy’s grave? Stone Chair.
2 o’clock – Direction or time? Likely a direction from sundial.
Glass – ?
Ond – ?
Miss spelling
Pope remember the words – ??? A phrase, like “Open Sesame” maybe.

Assessment of Team

Strengths – Contacts, sociable, Trustworthy.
Weakness – Morality and loyalty. May Will antagonise Demetrio


Strengths – Very Wealthy, Intelligent, can fit through tight spaces.
Weakness – Arrogant, corrupt, self absorbed, in denial, very short. Easily antagonised. Will antagonise others


Strengths – Violent
Weakness – Violent. Will antagonise Demetrio


Strengths – Leadership, planning.
Weakness – Secretive and Law abiding. Will antagonise Demetrio

Trip to the Cemetery night

We headed out to the cemetery, Demetrio is driving a Hummer. We arrive at 11pm and head in. It seems somehow creepier walking through a spooky cemetery in the middle of the night now that we are dead.

In the old Jewish section we find a grave marked Joseph Moel, dated in 1984. This section can’t be that old. There is a sundial on the grave with 12 o’clock pointing north. Demetrio and I follow the 2 o’clock direction while Diane and Jonas head north.

Demetrio and I find fourteen graves that appear with masonic markings all died in 1949. We also find a stone chair that is likely a child’s grave. And a mausoleum that appears to be used by homeless people. Jonas and Diane called and said they found a few interesting things but we all think that the stone chair is likely the “Dead Boy”. Shortly afterwards Dianne tells us that somebody with a rifle is stalking them. Potential Security guard but not likely. We regroup at the boy’s grave. We head North looking for Lady Grief. I tell them to fan out as we move north and shine the torches on graves as we go. They know we are here, there is no point hiding that. But let’s try and look like we are unaware that they know.

We find a fire and voices in the distance. Jonas and I head over to talk to the people there. When we arrive we discover that they are homeless. I tell them that I work with the NYPD and we are helping with an investigation. They tell us that the security guards don’t have rifles and usually stay at the main gate. They also tell us to beware of Coyotes. Seems odd, maybe Werewolves? Can’t believe I considered that option. One does tell us as we leave that there is statue of a woman to the north. Could be Lady Grief. When we return to Diane and Demetrio we continue north.

Not far into the northern section of the cemetery a vampire steps out of the darkness in front of us. He tells us to get out. Demetrio looks him in the crotch and commands him to kneel. The Vampire kneels and orders his friends to attack the dwarf with iron spikes. He goes down quickly while I shoot the leader and Jonas attempts to stab one of them. I holster the gun and pick up an iron spike. Diane grabbed one and then I scratched him with the spike. The other three turned onto Jonas while the other turned Diane’s grapple back on herself. Just as he was about to bite into Diane’s neck I drove the iron spike through his back and out of his chest mere inches from Diane’s face. As he fell with Diane I removed the spike and turned on the ones attacking Jonas. One was on his back while another had driven his spike into Jonas’ Knee. all I could do was hit the one on Jonas’ back across his back. The three of us had a sudden compulsion to run.

When we stopped and regrouped we realised that we Demetrio and the case back with the other Vampire. Three men with shotguns walked out of the darkness. The leader was a Vampire but the other two seemed to be ghouls. He demanded the case. After some quiet talks we managed to convince him that we would help him find Pope and discuss the case and the fate of Pope when we found him. We found out that his name was Vincenzio and he was hired by the Lancea Sanctum. By this time Demetrio had messaged us that he had recovered and had the case. Jonas told him to hide as there were other interested parties.

The six of us returned to the northern end of the cemetery. By the time we got there the other four vampires had left. We managed to find a brass woman holding a lantern. Closer inspection of the lantern revealed a small inscription on the glass. However it was too small to read. I attempted to use my torch to light the inscription and try ad read it. Unfortunately that didn’t work. We realised it needed a candle. Jonas asked if anyone smoked, only one of the ghouls did smoke. Asking for a cigarette lighter the ghoul tossed him a zippo. We managed to convince Jonas to let the ghoul light the lighter and put in place of the candle.

The light was cast on a nearby mausoleum. It showed a key and the Latin phrase “Quid Est Veritas.” Diane pulled up google translate on her smart phone and found out that it mean “What is Truth?” I suggested that this might have something to do with the anagram. When she looked that up she found that it was an ancient Roman anagram that rearranged read “Est Vir Qui Adest” or “it is the man who stands before you.” I examined the wall further and found that some of the mortar had been replaced with some ceramic tiles to wedge the bricks in. After some work Jonas and I managed to remove one of the bricks. Behind it I found a small parcel that held a small key.

We headed off looking for the final resting place of Pope. We headed back into the section of the cemetery that the bums were in. We searched around and eventually found an old Mausoleum. On the side of it was some old graffiti that read “What is Truth.” It was then that Vincenzio raised the guns at us again. We managed to negotiate a deal. He would walk away and let us recover Pope, in exchange we would each provide him with a favour at a later date. Demetrio meet with us bringing along the case.

After he left we opened the door of the Mausoleum. I saw a trapped door with a lock on it. I moved straight there and unlocked the padlock with the key. I opened the trap door and moved down the ladder to the half-finished Mausoleum below. I found Pope so we brought the case down. Demetrio stayed up top because he was a little offended. We opened the case in front of Pope. The body started to move and then feasted on the corpse of a Vampire that Diane appeared to recognise. After a few moments when he appeared to notice us, the three of us pulled him away. He was not happy but we told him that his benefactor wanted to meet him tonight. He agreed but wanted to finish his meal first. We agreed but Jonas and I left to let him do it in private. Up top, Demetrio was trying to brick us in.

After a while he and Diane came up. We drove back to New York and Samantha’s apartment.



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