Cariosus Malum

Trying Times

A Coterie Born Through Tough Trials

As a reward for our previous task, Samantha has given territory in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. It is a nice and quiet neighbourhood. It has a low crime rate, so that is good for the area, not so good for our nature. But it is still our territory.

Our territory has eight residential blocks, half of a cemetery and the open land to the Hudson River. It extends from Broadway to the Hudson, in between 145th and 155th Streets. Our new territory is adjacent to that of Slaughter House V. Theirs is substantially larger than ours though. There is between 145th and 155th all the way to the Harlem River. It also includes the other half of the cemetery and the Church of Intersession on the grounds.

Diane, Jonas and I have all moved into the area. Demetrio is still lording over his cash and living down near the financial district. We are getting on a lot better, and starting to get to know each other better. Our strengths and weaknesses are starting to show through. We have discussed the idea of a forming a coterie but we have come to no decision about it.

A New Friend

A couple of months have passed since we came to the area. It is peaceful, almost. Jonas was stalking around the west side of the cemetery. He came across a body underneath the Hudson Parkway. He had bite marks from a vampire on his neck. There are two problems here, first someone is hunting in our territory, and second, they are not cleaning up after themselves. After we all got there we decided to make it look like a mugging and used one of Jonas knifes to cut the flesh on his neck at the bite marks. We then had him delivered to the nearby hospital.

We decided to follow up on this incident. Diane thought she would follow up with an interview with the victim after he gets out of hospital. Jonas was going to continue to patrol to find the culprit. And I decided to get in touch with the local police. Demetrio decided to be Demetrio.
I got in touch with one of the local detectives. As it turns out that she went to the Academy with me. Detective Nicole Abna, was her name. I do remember that she was exmilitary. She seemed a bit stand offish when I tried to get some information about any muggings in the area. She eventually relented letting me know it happened every now and then over near the Hudson, but last night was the first time that someone was knifed.

Diane got very little information out of the victim. Apparently he couldn’t remember anything other than he was jogging. That was followed of course by waking up in the hospital. Jonas had even less success. For a few nights while out on patrol in the area he found nothing suspicious. I still don’t know what Demetrio did.

We continued patrolling on a nightly basis. About a week after the first body we found another. This time the wound had been licked clean. At least he cleaned up after himself this time. I came to the conclusion that Jonas may have just interrupted him last time, preventing him from cleaning up after himself. We spread out looking for the culprit.

It was Jonas that found him. Well, more that the culprit found Jonas. He was sitting on the edge of the parkway. When Jonas couldn’t get close to the Culprit he called the rest of us. When we all arrived, none of us could get close to him. This guy was crazy and seemed to think that Jonas was called “Ilivehere”. He eventually agreed to tell us his last name as long as we got him an albino pigeon.

We tried to find out more about this guy. Diane hit up the Prince’s Court and also sourced an albino pigeon from a nearby pet shop. We couldn’t find out much more other than the fact there was a vampire that matched his description but didn’t live in the society anymore. Jonas also hit up Slaughter House V for information. They didn’t know much but we did find out their names. One of them was also called Jonas.

We managed to get a hold of the Albino Pigeon. We took it to where we met the crazy vampire. We had hoped that we could get him to stop hunting in our territory but that didn’t seem like a likely prospect. He was grateful for the albino pigeon, we still don’t know why he wanted it. He told us his name. He told us that if we needed to contact him we just needed to write a chalk cross at a specific spot.

Slaughter House V

After we headed away from the crazy Vampire, we found that building on the other side of Broadway had been burnt down. We spotted people wandering around in the building. Jonas contacted a member of Slaughter House V. They told us they were there and asked us to come over. We headed over and found out that this was their Jonas’ haven.

They said that we could investigate as well, if we liked. Between Diane and myself (mostly Diane), we found out that he was staked in his bed and dragged to the window. Once there they pried the boards of the window to expose him to sunlight. This is where the fire started.


After the death of their one of their Jonas, Slaughter House V has decided to offload a portion of their territory. They asked the four of us and a vampire called Hector to meet us at a bar in their territory. They told us that they would be auctioning of the blocks of land between Broadway and Amsterdam Ave. Hector stated straight away that he didn’t want the territory. They told us that we had a month to decide.

We headed back to the bar in our territory. We decided that we did want to get the land. However we weren’t a coterie and the territory was offered to us individually. Diane decided to head to the Prince’s Court and find out if anyone else had been offered the land. We decided that only one of us would offer anything. Both Demetrio and Jonas didn’t really want to offer anything. I suggested that I off them access to my media contacts. Thus it was agreed that that is how we would proceed.

The Neighbourhood Watch

We started to investigate the fire some more. Both Diane and I had seen on the news that a local minister at the Church of Intersession had started a neighbourhood watch with the help of the local police. Diane tried to a bit of a follow-up story and I contacted the Nicole Abna to see if I could help.

I followed up with looking through news archives and Diane hit up the police to find out if there had been similar unexplained fires. There had been three in the last 6 months. Diane went to the Prince’s Court. She found out that Jonas was the third no name Vampire that had disappeared. Jonas got Hector to help out and find out the same sort of information as well.

Diane organised to have an interview with the minister of the Church of Intersession. In the meantime Jonas got Hector to find out more about the Neighbourhood Watch through the internet. We had a suspicion that the 6 month or so old Neighbourhood Watch was associated in some way with the fires over the last 6 months. We agreed that Diane would go to the interview, with Jonas watching from the shadows. Demetrio would wait with me at the bar.

Poor planning. Jonas noticed that the priest, a police woman and another man were putting a heavy tapestry into the back of the van. Jonas grabbed a taxi to follow and let us know that something was wrong. When he told us about the people I realised that the Police woman could be Nicole Abna. Jonas told us that they were heading south on Amsterdam. Demetrio and I headed south on Broadway. Jonas got Hector to find out who the car was registered to and where he lived. We managed to find the van outside of the apartment building. We asked if Hector wanted to help us out, since it concerned him too.

We came up with a plan. I was going to head up to the roof and come down the fire escape to just below the apartment window. The other three were going to come in through the main door. We were going to take them by surprise from two directions and overwhelm them. That was not so successful. I had to jump from the adjacent building to get to the right fire esape.

Whatever the other three did to get in the door, they alerted them to our attempt at entry. When I heard a shotgun blast I dropped down to the window to see in. Jonas had charged Nicole who was holding an aerosol can and a lighter over Diane. Diane had a stake in her chest. The minister also had an aerosol can and a lighter. The other man had a shotgun. Nicole burnt Jonas’ hands as Hector grabbed the guy with the shotgun so he couldn’t use it. The minister flamed Hector and the shotgun guy. I fired my gun at Nicole, and missed. Hector fled down the corridor, with Demetrio at his heels (the first time I saw him). Jonas Dived through the window in front of me as I fired again through the window, piercing the aerosol can at that Nicole was holding. Jonas went down the fire escape. Nicole seemed to recognise me as I went up the fire escape. I jumped back across and met up with the others.

I contact the Hawks and let them know all we knew about the Hunters. Ben came and met me. He told me that he doubted that they would make a move before dawn. But they were unlikely to leave the Vampire in the apartment all day.

We decided to make another shot. This time we would wait until just before dawn when they would they and move Diane. There seemed to be two possible options. The first would be to load her into the van. The second would be to take her up to the roof and let her burn there. We split up. Demetrio and Hector would wait at ground level and try and disable their van if they tried to get away. Jonas and I would wait on the roof.

Just prior to dawn, Nicole came out in uniform to the roof. She looked around but couldn’t see us hiding in the shadows. She called down to say that the coast was clear. They brought up Diane and left her on the roof. The headed back down, putting police tape up.

Now it was a race against time. We had to get Diane down of off the building, across a park and down into the subway. We got to Diane and I removed the stake from her chest. Jonas carried her, and we headed to the next building. I dropped down to the fire escape. I helped Jonas get Diane down on to the fire escape and headed down. We crossed the park pretending to help a drunk across. We got down to the subway in the nick of time with Demetrio and Hector meeting us there. We got down the platform and struggled to stay awake helping one another we got Diane into the tunnels and found somewhere to sleep. Hector, Demetrio and Jonas all stayed awake to feed.
It took two nights to feed and make our way to near Hector’s apartment. We found a service exit on the second night. We got Diane to Hector’s Haven. From there we split up again. Hector and I headed down to the subway tunnels again, to hunt for some rats for Diane to feed on while she was in torpor. In the meantime Jonas went looking for food and Demetrio went somewhere.

When Hector and I got back to his haven, the others weren’t there. I used Hector’s phone to call Demetrio, who was apparently in an internet café. Demetrio was coming up with a plane to gas the Neighbourhood watch. He didn’t know where Jonas had gone only that he had gone to feed. I headed down to the park, whilst Hector feed Diane.

In the park I found a dead jogger in a bush that had been drained of blood. Whoever had killed him had cleaned up after themself. I followed the trail and found that somebody had been attacked another person and dragged the body down to a basement. I went down to investigate. I found Jonas, and saw that he had attacked a Vampire and worked out that he had killed the jogger.
I woke up Jonas and told him to clean up after himself. I got him to bash the Vampire’s teeth. We then wrapped the Vampire in some cardboard boxes and took him up and dumped him in a dumpster. Jonas then went down and washed away the blood with a fire hose. I gave him my jumper and told him to get rid of any identifying features. He took the teeth, his key and a Celtic knot.
After staying a week at Hector’s place, Diane came out of Torpor. We helped her feed on rats. We came to an agreement that the five of us would form a coterie, for the purpose of mutual protection and support. Everyone agreed. We decided to establish a common Haven in the subway tunnels beneath our territory.

Now we need to deal with the Hunters. Demetrio likes the idea of trying to gas them with carbon monoxide. That had many potential problems, including the possibility of unwanted casualties. Hector suggested an explosion. It seemed that everyone liked that idea. Demetrio used his criminal contacts to source some C4. He got a detonator added after I told him that we would need that too. We decided that on the night Demetrio got the C4, I would set it up in Hector’s apartment with Hector’s help. Demetrio, Diane and Jonas would lure the Hunters to let them think that we are in the boarded up apartment.

All things come full circle. It after I setup the C4 and awaiting the light of day, that not so long ago I would have been the one called in to defuse this bomb. Before that Mum had brought me out here from Ireland. What I never told anyone was why. I was now following in my father’s footsteps, setting up a bomb to kill a police officer. I like to think that at least he had a reason. Loyalty to the IRA, and help his fellow Irish Catholics get liberation from the English. I know that that is not true, he just liked blowing people up. My father was a monster. Am I so different?


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