An imposing figure who although being centuries old appears to be in his late twenties. With dark hair to his shoulders, often worn as a ponytail and dark eyes that have stared down innumerable opponents he wears his power well. He carries a presence as though he owns any room he walks into and is just as often felt as he is seen. Although the fashion he wears is often from the 1920’s or earlier it is always impeccably fitted and helps to reinforce his image.

He is certainly a member of the old fashioned Kindred and relies upon many of the old methods to support his power, drugs, prostitution, racketteering. His business style harkens to the early twentieth century gangsters and although it is effective and allows him to consolodate his power, it is blunt and unsubtle.

Since emerging from his torpor he has begun rebuilding his underworld empire in an attempt to oust his childe Bennett as Prince of New York. He has claimed Queens and Brooklyn as his domain, with Bennett controlling Manhatten and the Bronx. Although no harm would befall him were he to enter borough he does not leave his domain lightly.

He has given prime hunting grounds to his supporters and maintains a number of Elysium venues.


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