Donavella's childe who will not return the reins of power


Donavella’s childe, and the other Prince of New York. Left to rule New York while Donavella went into torpor, he did not give up his power on Donavella’s awakening.

Bennett is a striking figure, dark features and a peircing gaze have withered many a foe. He wears his power like a cloak and very few would dare challenge him. Donavella chose for his childe in his own likeness and spent Bennet’s early years grooming him to take control. The similarities are striking though the physical similarities are quite limited.

He has spent many of the recent years strengthening support for his claim to the Princedom, and has a number of fervent supporters. Many claim that he should have passed the Princedom back to his Sire, but just as many claim that if his Sire deserved it he would have claimed it back. They claim as Bennett has retained his Princehood it legitimises it, for even with the weight of “history” against him he has stood and taken his right and is therefore more entitled to it that Donavella.

He also saw off many a claim to the Princedom in the years following the beginning of Donavella’s long sleep. Many of the elders were disgusted that Donavella had given the Princedom to this whelp and thought they could wrest control from him. How wrong they were, many of the elders learnt their mistake quite early and did not want to give up what power they had, though Bennett was not quick to forget and began forging alliances with younger Kindred and masterfully played them against the elder vampires, undercutting their power bases and equalling the score for when Donavella awoke.

Though referred to as a whelp by the elders and Donavella, he is an elder vampire in his own right and his political power and influence is backed by his physical presence and charisma.

Bennett controls much of the cities law enforcement and political parties with influential contacts in numerous departments. The war between the two Princes has spilt over into the mortal world with a war between the police force and organised crime, as each Prince pushes his power to the limits in an attempt to undermine the other.


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