Bennett's Sheriff


Delrich is the son of Russian immigrant parents, born in the 1890’s his parents were some of the first immigrants to America. They continued to speak mainly Russian at home and Delrich never really lost his accent. Like most elder Kindred much of his life before the Embrace and early years as Kindred are not known, though his rise to power is.

Little more than an enforcer for Bennett before Donavella entered his torpor, he helped consolidate Bennett’s small amount of illegal enterprises. It was not until after Donavella entered torpor that Delrich began to show the true ruthlessness for which he would later become renowned.

Early in the years of Bennett’s reign while his sire slept many of the Primogen sought to take control of New York for themselves; one major contender was Gordon Yates, the Duke of the Bronx.

Delrich saw this and sought to gain Gordon’s favour, he went so far as to actually undermine some of Bennett’s investments and whether Bennett was part of the ploy all along is still in dispute.

What followed next is not completely known, whether Gordon was committing the acts or Delrich just did a phenomenal job making it look like he did. But nevertheless proof was brought before the Council that Gordon was committing Diablerie and not just any Diablerie, but on his own childer, embraced merely to be consumed. Delrich brought this information to the council with disgust, as though he himself was surprised that Gordon was carrying out such dreadful acts and that he was closely associated with such a monster.

The Council had no option but to act quickly, Delrich deigned to carry out the act himself, as atonement he claimed. His strike was swift and brutal with Gordon not even knowing the order had been passed, for even Council supporters of Gordon feared to warn him in case they were implicated along with him.

Bennett, as reward for Delrich’s “swift and rightful” action gifted him Gordon’s domain and appointed him Sheriff of Manhattan and the Bronx.


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