Vince Gionavella

Childe of Samantha Fleck


Vince is Samantha’s childe and just as ruthless. Whereas Samantha used coercian and guile to oust Kindred from the Financial District, Vince undermined Gus Vander in Stuyvesant Town.
He pushed out many of his rent-controlled tenants in favour of high paying kine, high paying kine that were paying rent to Vince’s agencies.

It was a gutsy move, just at the right time. Vince knew Bennett was making a play for power and he used his business acumen to exploit the oppertunity. Vince eventually bought out the assests of Gus and Bennett supported his control of the domain. Vince saw it as a business deal, nothing personal… Gus didn’t take it so well.

Due to his dealings, Vince now holds the title of Earl of Stuyvesant in the Invictus.

Vince Gionavella

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