Demetrio Agostinelli

Self-entitled little shit


Demetrio is 4’1". Quiet small by almost any standards. Despite his height, however, he carries himself with an Ego that would rival that of the collective Catholic Church. He has short cropped black hair, with a smile that makes you feel as if your life has just been marked for termination by the likes of Charles Manson.

Even when he is speaking with you it is not hard to tell that he is speaking at you or through you, rather than speaking with you. But being too close to Demetrio is often an overpowering sensation, as the odour that he gives off makes you feel as if he has bathed in the most expensive, nicest smelling cologne he could get after having showered in the fluids of putration and decay.

And while there are some that may be able to overlook this, and maybe even those who could care less about such things, what you can never escape are the eyes. Even among other kindred, the eyes of Demetrio are a frightening sight. Not because they are physically deformed, but because they are truly the eyes of a beast. When he is staring at you, you feel as if you are a meal waiting to be consumed, like everything you are is but dust in the wind. It is the most of unsettling feelings.


Date of Birth: 13/02/1993
Age: 20
Height: 124.46cm (4’1")
Weight: 42kg
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Pride
Flaw: Dwarf (WOD: Core, p219)
Experience/Spent: 35/35

Willpower OOOOOOO
Morality OOOOOOO
Size 4 Defence 1
Initiative 5 Speed 9
h5. Attributes
Intelligence OOOOO Strength OO Presence O
Wits O Dexterity OO Manipulation OOO
Resolve OOO Stamina OO Composure OOOO
Mental Skills
Academics O
Computer O
Crafts OOO Engineering
Science OOOOO Physics Chemistry
Physical Skills
Athletics O
Brawl O
Firearms OO
h5. Social Skills
Empathy OOO
Intimidation OOO
Socialise O
Eidetic Memory OO
Resources OOOOO While Demetrio has his own job, it provides only a tiny faction of his overall wealth. The majority of his funds are spread across many, many off-shore secret accounts kept in various countries around the world, all under assumed names. These funds were skimmed from his father’s accounts before his ultimate rebellion against his father, but still pale in comparison to the wealth of his father
Rational Explanation (Mage: Free Council, p133) OOOO Science – Demetrio’s mental foundation and understanding of the world is completely and totally grounded in science. Even when comfronted with the supernatural, the sort of thing that would even make Stephen Hawking consider the supernatural as real, Demetrio will still do everything to try and understand and rationalise it with science

Vampire Powers
Dominate O
Nightmare OO

Apartment – Penthouse, 15 Broadmeadow Street, Manhattan; Rented –
Firearm – .38 Special Revolver; Legally owned; Personal self defence
Firearm – Generic Pump Action Shotgun; Legally owned; Defence of property
Car – 2010 model Porsche 911 Turbo 997; Hotrod Red
Car – Hummer; Black


Demetrio was inspired by a number of different fictional characters, including Tony Stark, Lex Luthor, Charlie Harper and Tyrion Lannister. Someone who is incredibly intelligent, with great prowess in science and engineering, but with little knowledge of, quote unquote, the real world.
He is very much a typical rich kid, very snobby, with a desire to rebel against his father’s control. He tries to be the playboy, but is often thwarted by his size – at least until his credit cards are shown. When joined by his rather distant and emotionless father and an upbringing in a boarding school for other rich brats, he believes his money can solve everything.


Demetrio Agostinelli is the son of a massively wealthy Itallian oil mogul. His father is Edmondo Agostinelli, head of the board of directors of several oil companies and runs his own business conglomerate.

His whole life Demetrio was groomed by his father to take over, when his father decided that he wanted to retire. Like most rich kids, who have that kind of father, Demetrio was never given much of a choice over his own life. He was told what to learn and how to learn it. The only advantage that Demetrio had was his sheer intellect, and ability to remember everything he is exposed to.

At a young age Demetrio was shipped off to a boarding school in Switzerland – JFK International boarding school. While there, he learned everything he could about the sciences – believing that those with a mastery of science can achieve a mastery of anything. He was also given several tests, and it was determined that he was of sufficient IQ to join MENSA.

At 18, having arrived back in his home of New York, after graduating JFK International with highest honours, Demetrio decided that it was time for him to live his own life, and he rebelled against his father. Over the years Demetrio had squirlled away a great deal of wealth – enough to last him a lifetime if he wanted – but this was not what Demetrio wished to do.

It was Demetrio’s goal to destroy his father’s empire and make a name for himself. His own name. His own way. With his own wealth, his own power, his own influence – and it is simple irony and justice that it will be his father’s wealth and power that helps him achieve this.

He payed the right people to forge doctoral papers in both Physics, and used these plus his own wealth and knowledge to get a leg into a new research and manufacturing company called Applied Experimental Technologies Limited. Their desires are to become the worlds leading manufacturer and developer of the technologies of the future. In just over a year Demetrio was promoted product leader for a new military technology that AET is working on – a new type of tank-based weapon, due to power requirements, that will fire plasma, using a similar principle to the Navy-tested Railgun. This rapid promotion made many people jealous, but Demetrio seen it as his chance to start earning a name for himself, as well as much desired influence.

Demetrio Agostinelli

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