Tag: Invictus


  • Anatole Rostov

    Anatole works exclusively for Mr Petya Issavic. Almost nothing is known about this man other than Anatole being his sole representative within New York. He has been buying up various Properties throughout New York some of which has been developed.

  • Samantha Fleck

    Where Delrich is the ruthless enforcer of Bennett’s orders, Samantha is the silent assassin. Though she very rarely gets her hands dirty, she is one of the main reasons for Bennett’s sway in kine politics and law enforcement. Samantha appears happier …

  • Vince Gionavella

    Vince is Samantha's childe and just as ruthless. Whereas Samantha used coercian and guile to oust Kindred from the Financial District, Vince undermined Gus Vander in Stuyvesant Town. He pushed out many of his rent-controlled tenants in favour of high …

  • Guyal Ishka

    Guyal holds such a powerful position and such sweeping influence that the change of Prince hardly broke his stride. He certainly didn't need to worry about losing his domain, even without directly throwing his support behind Bennett. Although he may …