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War has come to New York. This is not a flashy war with big guns, planes and tanks. It is a war fought in darkness, a war of politics and blackmail, favours and trickery, promises and secrets. A war for territory, a war for power. A war between Princes.

Donavella ruled the city as Prince for many, many years but he knew he would have to enter torpor sooner or later. Knowing this he began to groom his childe to rule in his stead. In the early 1950’s Donavella went into his long sleep and his childe, Bennett took the reins of the city. Although no requiem is a quiet experience the years passed without many major events in the world of the Kindred.

This all changed when Donavella woke this year, and his childe refused to pass the reins of power back to him. Bennett had become addicted to the power as Prince and he refused to give it up. Bennett had realised that Donavella would wake soon and had started to plan for it, he began calling in favours, gathering support and cajoling those he could. He managed to ensure loyalty in a number of the younger but still powerful Kindred by offering them more power than they would have otherwise, at the expense of alienating a number of the older vampires, though he could not be sure of their support anyway. This played into Donavella’s hands in that it almost ensured he would have support of the older vampires.

And so the war began, with each Prince playing for power. Although the war has not spilled on to the streets and no threat has been made to the masquerade it is still a war that affects most of the Kindred of the city. The Princes are keeping a tight rein on all the prime domains and doling out the best to those that actively support them. Kindred can live in the Prince’s domain without actively opposing the other Prince, but if anyone asks, they better say they support the Prince of the domain they live in.

Main Page

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