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Author: Wolfgar83

The latin word for Puppet, this is the discipline of The Puppeteers which allows them to animate and control certain kinds of inanimate objects like Dolls, Puppets, mannequins, and the like. Objects that do not have a form that had a head, limbs, and body seem incapable of being imbued with the supernatural power of this discipline. However this does not mean it can only be a humanoid form as animal forms are also possible since they to have a head, body, and limbs.

●○○○○ Puppeteer’s mark

Cost: 1 Vitae
Action: Instant
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Craft + Pupa

By marking a doll, mannequin, or similar object with the Puppeteer’s blood they become able to remotely see and hear through the “puppet’s” eyes and ears.

The initial creation of this mark costs a single vitae, and the mark itself need not be larger than a single penny. The puppeteer can see and hear through the doll a number of times equal to the successes rolled upon the creation of the mark before the mark is destroyed. The Puppeteer may view the world through the marked puppet when ever they wish by concentrating and while they are viewing and hearing things through the puppet they become less aware of their own surrounding they do not see anything around their body while seeing through the puppets eyes, but they may still hear things and feel things as if hearing it all from a distance or feeling it through a numb body part. This is sort of like being in a weak state of torpor like Dominate’s possession would create in a way for the vampire, but they are not in torpor nor is this a copy Dominate discipline’s effects the vampire can react to anything happening around their physical body though this will pull them out of the Doll. Viewing or hearing through the doll again will count against the number of times the Puppeteer has left to do so just as the previous use does.

●●○○○ The Puppet’s Strings

Cost: 1 Vitae per puppet
Action: Instant
Dice Pool: Presence + Pupa + Craft

Using this power a previously prepared puppet, one marked by The Puppeteer’s mark, is brought to “life” as the puppeteer creates the strings of vampiric power that animates it and it is controlled by the puppeteer following only simple commands. This animating force fades with time as the power imbued by the mark is drained eventually leaving the puppet as nothing more than a inanimate object again and will require a new mark placed to animate, or use the Puppeteer’s Mark again. The process of draining the animating forces from the Puppet takes an hour per success garnered on the roll when activating this power.

This power may be used upon puppets previously marked by the first level of Pupa at a distance of up to 1 mile per success rolled.

Dramatic Failure: The puppet doesn’t just not animate all the power of the Puppeteer’s mark on the doll is destroyed in the attempt.

Failure: Nothing happens the target remains a marked doll/puppet/maniquenn/etc…

Success: The target rises as directed and responds to the commands of it’s master. The statistics of a puppet animated with this power is 1 in all Physical attributes, 0 in all Social and in all mental Mental attributes, 0 Defense, and a speed equal to 2. They have no other abilities. When they take enough lethal damage to equal their health they fall to the ground like a puppet whose string are cut nothing more then than a pile of broken parts. The successes garnered also determines the number of health levels the puppet has at creation.

Exceptional Success: Activated as with a a normal success, but the Puppet gains 3 extra health levels upon activation.

●●●○○ Mend the Puppet

Cost: 1+ Vitae
Action: Extended (takes time to store the blood; 1 minute per vitae); Instant (For accesses to the vitae to heal/mend puppet or to give back to the Master)
Dice Pool: Wits + Pupa + Occult

By touching the puppet the Puppeteer can store vitae into the puppet for later use by either the Puppeteer or in mending damage to the puppet. Damage taken by the puppet is healed reflexively using this stored Vitae as if it were a Vampire. Watching this effect can be quite disturbing as limbs and other parts become replaced by a semi-solid mass of Blood in the form of parts lost. Breaks and wounds are sealed by semi-solid blood red mass, and so on. A puppet can hold only as much vitae for this use equal to it’s size plus 3, never more. Blood stored in the Puppet can also be ripped away by the puppeteer for their own use in powering devotions or healing themselves this will deal 1 point of bashing damage to the Animated Puppet for every vitae taken back in the act.

●●●●○ Plucking the Strings

Cost: 1 Vitae per puppet; The puppet must already be animated by Pupa ●●○○○
Action: Instant
Dice Pool: Presence + Pupa + Expression

The strings of vampiric power that the puppeteer created previously are changed as the Puppeteer plucks the Puppet’s strings to bring new life to the puppet. Touching the Puppet and expending a vitae the Puppeteer is able to give a Puppet already animated by Puppet’s Strings some of the Puppeteer’s predatory instincts and animate the Puppet until it is destroyed.

Dramatic Failure: Not only does the Puppet not animate but it takes Lethal damage in the attempt equal to the failure and possibly destroying the puppet.

Failure: The Puppet remains a normally animated puppet and does not gain any special properties from the attempt though further attempts are possible.

Success: Strength and Stamina of 4, Intelligence and Wits 1. The puppet gains 3 additional health levels from the increased Stamina. The puppet gains 1 dot of the Brawl skill with a specialty in Grappling. It does not lose the animating force over time like lesser versions of this power produces. It can only end its existence by proper destruction of its body. For every success on the activation roll the Puppet gains an additional health level. While not as intelligent as the puppeteer the Puppet is able to follow more complex commands and is severely loyal to the Puppeteer.

Exceptional Success: In addition to the above normal success information the Puppet gains a dot in a addition ability that is one the vampire possess as chosen by the vampire.

●●●●● Setting the Stage

Cost: 2 Vitae (+1 Willpower for additional effect; read description)
Action: Instant
Dice Pool: Resolve + Pupa + Empathy

The puppeteer Reaches out through the power of pupa and while spending the necessary vitae grips the strings of Vampiric Power with their will wrapping them tight in their emotions causing all such puppets to respond simply to their will and emotional state. Creating Wonderous Puppet shows through sheer mental, emotional, and willful command no longer needing verbal commands.

This level of Pupa allows the Puppeteer to command multiple Puppets at once all tied to both the puppeteer’s will and mind. In effect the Puppets are linked mentally to the Puppeteer as if they are a Hive Mind with the Puppeteer in control. Unless the puppeteer spends a specific command tho any puppet they command will remain performing any other tasks they where given, act of their own accord, or act in accordance with the emotional state they sense in their master. Strong emotions can cause the puppets to stop following the actions of thier last order and cause them to instead act out the emotions they sense in their master Anger for example causing them to attack those percieved to be angering the master unless they are commanded to do otherwise (this is akin to a frenzy rage check). While Puppets, especially those imbued by Pluck the Strings, follow and act as instructed all on their own as previously instructed and are still essentially seperate entities from the Puppeteer the Puppeteer see’s, hears, and knows all that every puppet does. The puppeteer is able to send mental commands to each puppet for them to follow though these can not be any more complex than that puppet can already follow normally depending on the level of it’s ability thus far imbued. Puppets that are only thus far given the Puppeteer’s Mark but not animated can also be placed under the command of this power to see and hear in multiple locations at once with out having to control animated puppets (though all types of puppets could be controlled at once with this). The number of Puppets that can be controlled by this is equal to the number of Discipline dots times the amount of current will power. This power lasts until the puppeteer ends it or the next Nightfall which ever comes first. This means the puppeteer could continue being in control and seeing through the puppets eye’s and the like through out the night and following day if they wished until it is night again at which point they must activate this again to continue it. Though the puppeteer isn’t able to send coherent commands as they sleep they are aware fully of what is happening around their puppets and can attempt to send a command as they sleep. Whether that command gets to the puppet clearly or not is random chance. However, commands that mean the difference between life and death for the puppeteer always get through clearly if the puppets are ones guarding their slumbering Puppeteer and there is an immediate danger to the puppeteer as strong emotions and instinct cut through the fog of slumber.

For the cost of 1 willpower in addition to the vitae expenditure the puppeteer may also remotely animate puppets that were only marked thus increasing the number of puppets currently animated. Puppets animated in such a manner are only animated as if under the effect of the Puppets Strings power until the Pluck the Strings is directly used on each of them, and thus will eventually lose their animating force just like said first power. This is good for emergency occasions when further animated puppets are needed for protection or attack.


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