Cariosus Malum

The Hunt for Belial's Brood

Bloody English

On a night that was starting out just like all of the others in last month, Diane got a call from Samantha. She wanted to see us all straight away. This night was going to be interesting.

We met up and headed over to Samantha’s office in Lower Manhattan. Samantha gave us a file on a coterie that apparently belonged to the Lancea Sanctum. However they were suspected of actually being apart of Belial’s Brood. We were asked to investigate and find evidence either way. She also made a point of telling us not to kill anyone.

We headed to upper New York reading about the group as we went. There were four Vampires and three humans, likely ghouls in the coterie. All of the Vampires are on the young side but one has just been granted permission by the prince to create a childe. He is the youngest of the group, Jeremy Greywater, an Englishman.

We visited a Catholic Church in the area. Diane and Hector wouldn’t come in and Jonas got freaked out inside when I took part in the rituals of the church. For some reason he was surprised that I was Catholic.

We proceeded on to the address in that Samantha gave us. It was a convent with two buildings, encircled by a 6ft high stone wall. Jonas decided that the only appropriate action was to jump the fence and break in. Hectorm Diane and I decided it would be better to talk to the locals, so we headed to the nearest bar. A sports bar showing the Italian premier league.

After having a discussion with a bartender Diane decided to talk to the others on her own. She continued to talk to the few patrons that were present at this hour. Not many. We waited for an hour before Jonas got in touch with us. He blew it. He was made and was leaving the area. We decided to do the same. I had an idea of looking to see if there were any unoccupied apartments that overlook the convent grounds.

The following night I dragged Diane along with me and to look at apartments. The first building we went to we found out that an apartment on the fourth floor was being renovated. We left and headed to the bar. I told Hector to break in and find out if it would suit or purpose. He did. He came up with an idea to lodge a report saying that there is asbestos in the apartment.

The following night Diane and I returned to the sports bar. Whilst we were there, the childe Jeremy Greywater came into the bar. He saw us, said “Hi” in his silly English accent and then “Bye.” and promptly left. English. Diane and I decided to leave. In the meantime Jonas got one of his bums to set up camp looking in on the back of the convent.

A week passed. Jonas had called his bum but Jeremy answered and promptly lied about what had happened to the bum. I decided that we needed to befriend or turn the Englishman so Diane and I returned to the bar. This time the English man came in and acknowledged our presence. He went and played some darts. I went over and had a game with him after he insulted me. He beat me, I offered to buy him a beer and he declined. I went up to the bar and ordered a Guinness. I drank down that sweet nectar of the gods. This freaked out English and he left. Diane headed outside to talk to him. When she came back it was time to go.

Another week passed. This time Hector joined Diane and myself at the bar. Jonas looked disappointed that Diane wouldn’t let him come. We were playing pool when English approached us. Diane challenged him to a game of pool to decide where we would talk. Somehow Diane won. We went out to a nearby park and discussed general things. I introduced myself as a Carthian along with Hector and told him Diane had designs to be a part of the Invictus. He evidently had no idea what we were talking about. We gave him a brief description of the different covenants. He finally told us that he was Lancea Sanctum, a god-botherer as Hector put it. He was still quite abrasive with us.

The following week we returned, this time with Jonas. This time English won the game of pool. He took us around to a different nearby park. We decided that we would be straighter with him. Providing he gave us some information as well. We let him know that we were chasing a believed devil worshipping cult of Belial’s Brood. We let him know what we knew about that and the rituals and such. He eventually became more interested in talking to us in the future. I left him a card to call me.

An hour later I got a call from him saying he needed our help to escape his coterie. We agreed to meet at a metro station. We piled in to my ‘82 Camaro, a tight fit. We headed up to the area. When I got to the station he was nowhere in sight. This felt like a trap so I told Hector and Diane to keep theirs ears open. After a few minutes we heard a shotgun blast. I told Jonas to take my gun. I moved the car as fast as I could arriving out the front of a park to see English get shot in the back by a vampire. Jonas got out shooting as he went. Diane and Hector made for English. I popped the trunk, they would have to toss him in their. I scarred one of the vampires of. Jonas dropped my gun, he fucking dropped it. He engaged in hand to hand while Diane and Hector tossed English in the trunk. Jonas left my gun and barely made it to the car, spilling his blood all over my seats. The bastard! Unfortunately with these vampires turning into beasts and growing claws (I must learn how to do that) it was time to go. One shot at us while the other jumped on to car smashing the glass and destroying the duco. I tried to shake him off while the others backed away from him. He held on. I drove close to a wall as Diane kicked him off. As he fell he took the skin of off Diane’s leg with him.

English owes us a fucking lot for this one even though he is almost dead himself. Jonas barely made it out alive and Diane is in a bad way. And I have to report my gun stolen And the Camaro needs serious cosmetic work! could this night have gone any worse?

We took English to meet with Samantha. We got him to tell her all about Belial’s Brood and his old coterie. She took the information directly from his mind in way that can only be called mind rape, although he did consent. She took the information to Bennett. Bennett ordered a blood hunt on the members of English’s former master and coterie.


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