Samantha Fleck

Seneschal to Bennett


Where Delrich is the ruthless enforcer of Bennett’s orders, Samantha is the silent assassin. Though she very rarely gets her hands dirty, she is one of the main reasons for Bennett’s sway in kine politics and law enforcement.

Samantha appears happier to be behind the scenes, pulling the strings, undermining her enemies rather than confronting them. It is whispered that it was her that convinced Bennett he would not be able to claim all of New York straight away, but that his efforts were best focused on Manhattan and the Bronx.

Samantha subtly convinced powerful Kindred who she knew would not support Bennett to move their main interests to Brooklyn and Queens. This was not as difficult as it sounds as many of the older Kindred did not care for the rapid pace of Manhattan business and Brooklyn and Queens allowed them comforts and grandeur unavailable in the high density area of Manhattan.

She slowly built her domain to what it is now, controlling the Financial District and three main entrances to Bennett’s domain. She is Bennett’s right-hand and probably the main reason he held onto Manhattan.

Samantha holds the rank of Marquise of Manhattan within the Invictus.

Samantha Fleck

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