Cariosus Malum

Long Nights

Aimless and boring nights

Licking the Wounds

After our meeting with Samantha. Diane, Jonas and English are licking their wounds from the recent fight, while Hector and I bring them rats to feast upon. My Camero is going to need some work done and I need to report my gun missing. We are going to try to make the Prince’s Court tonight.

The Prince’s Court

There were two main things that came out of the Prince’s Court. After we all arrived, it took Diane a while to come in we took English in. He recounted everything he knew about his old coterie. Bennett ordered a blood hunt on them, hopefully we can help hunt them down. Secondly, although this didn’t directly affect us, Samantha presented the Lancea Sanctum with the body of Pope if they officially supported Bennett. They agreed.

The second Prince’s court we went to there wasn’t much of anything going on. Diane and I talked to Samuel Eaton about the Invictus developments in South Manhattan. He told us Diane had a warehouse that was going to be developed. We left a message with her ghoul that we wanted to talk to her, when she had time. We found out that the two captured Vampires were put to final death. I passed on information that the leader was in New Jersey. But beyond that there wasn’t much.

The Long Nights

The following few weeks were mostly spent healing. We heard that the two Vampires that beat us were captured. I had a buddy of mine in the NYPD track the cell phone of the leader. He was, and probably still is hiding behind the werewolves in New Jersey. English got us a goat as a thank you. Jonas wanted to call him lunch, but his name is Barry. Diane did not seem to believe that Barry was talking to her when I was near him. We had to get him some grass which we dug up from a nearby park. Safe from us at least. I started keeping notes on the separate interests in different note books.

With these two politicians, I thought it may be an idea to make some friends with city hall and the Port Authority. I found a roof top bar next to city hall that is frequented by a lot of the staff, but could not find any near the Port Authority. I went to the bar near city hall and made some new friends. This is going to take a bit of effort. I need to find a similar bar near the Port Authority.

After we met with Diane about her development interest in South Manhattan. She told us that Donevella was bringing in a ancient Egyptian chalice from a museum in Egypt, going to a private collector. It is due in in two weeks via a ship, but she does not know much more than that. She does however want us to get it. I really need to get some contacts with the Port Authority.


Diane and I went along to an Invictus night where we were properly joined them. Apparently there is a big meeting at the Invictus that only a select few get invited to. Although we did not make the cut, that may be something to try and get into next year. We need to find out who is sending the invites.

We found out that there were a couple of politicians that live over in Queens that the Invictus want to know if they are loyal or not. A Mr Steven Williamson and a Mr Walt Brendan. Brendan runs all of the development applications in South Manhattan. Williamson is high up in the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The main thing the Invictus is concerned about is information about the Bennett’s Invictus being passed on to Donevella’s Invictus.

I did some research on the internets. I couldn’t find anything on this Williamson character. But this Walt Brendan was a wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals, until he blew his knee out. And then he was in and out of rehab a couple of times. I couldn’t find out anything more recent. I think it might be a good idea to get Diane to have a look.

Diane found out a bit more information. Apparently it was a different Walt Brendan that played for the Cardinals. Diane found out their home addresses and a bit about them. Brendan has a wife and kids and lives inside of Dean Wallace’s territory. Williamson lives alone in another vampires territory.

We decided to ask Hector for some help. I asked him to get into their home computers and see what he could find out. English offered help with his why five dongle, whatever that is. Hector had no luck with the home computer of Brendan. I asked him to get on the internets to get into his work computer. He wants to wait until tomorrow night… Hector could get in to the work computer and doesn’t want to use his laptop to get onto the internets anymore. English broke his why five dongle.

Diane got Hector to look up the public records of upcoming developments in south Manhattan. there were over 200 companies putting forward developments. We decided that we should try and find out which companies were associated with the Invictus.

I found a private investigator called Dick Cheney. He was happy to take on the job of following Brendan for a week. I told him I would let him know when we need him. I must remember when we hire him to only following him at night. I may have more work for Dick Cheney P.I. if everything works out.

At the next Prince’s Court we found out that Diane had a property that she was looking a getting developed. left a message with that we would like to met with her about her development. He came back with a chance to meet her on Tuesday. We arrived promptly, Diane, myself and the Englishman. We asked Diane about her development. She told us the little she had, since it was one of her business interests. I asked if she could put it through sooner rather than latter. She said it would be done by the end of the week. That will make it even more valuable information to the other side.

The Carthians

Hector and I met with the Cartians. They seem to talk a lot about expanding their influence but don’t seem to be actually doing much about it. It is not looking like they will be worth getting to heavily involved with. Maybe I can recruit English into their ranks, but I will need to be careful recruiting others.

Lancea Sanctum

Apparently the Lancea Sanctum is bringing in a new Bishop. I wonder how close that would match the Church. Anyway, there is going to be an event out on Roosevelt Island. English has been invited to attend. He is also welcome to bring guests, Diane and I were interested.

Publican Jonas

Jonas decide that he wanted to purchase an interest in the bar that we frequent. He found out who to talk to and was asked to put forward a proposal. When he came up with an idea I dictated a proposal to Diane. Which Jonas then sent on. The guy sent back a rather sarcastic response. But did offer to sell the bar at $10,000,000. Jonas has decided to bring down the value of the bar but starting a gang. May not be a bad idea.

Slaughterhouse V

So we have decided that we hate those guys. We already have some info on them that can help to bring them down. They couldn’t stop the Hunters in their area, we did, with extreme prejudice. Demetrio that has gone over to them was working on rounds specifically to kill Vampires. We have found gotten the plans for them with Demetrio’s name all over them. But what to do now? From Jonas’ gang idea I came up with a new idea. Vampire’s like less valued neighbourhoods. Ours is a higher value than our neighbouring coterie, so in the eyes of Vampire’s it is worth less than theirs. Perhaps we can help clean up their neighbourhood, it would be a service to the community after all. Maybe I can get the NYPD to increase their presence. Something to think about.


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